Friday, January 28, 2011

7/50 - Baby Book

Boy, #7 already? January isn't even over - I have to say I'm proud of myself!

This project is 4 years in the making. My nephew (friends kiddo) who is now over 4 years old finally has a baby book. Back when he was born I had bought an inexpensive scrapbook kit and told my friend that I could put together a baby book for her.
I sat down and planned out some pages then got super intimidated...
What if it sucked?
What if she hated what I put together?
What if I regretted cutting some things?
What if what if what if... ugh

So there it sat... eventually being put in storage.

A little over a week ago I came across it and brought it home. I stared at what I had ready (oh but mind you NOTHING glued!) and then I bit the bullet and said 'fuck it! get this thing done already!'

So I did. Its simple and I'm happy with it. And hopefully she is too!


On another note, its been a hard week for me! I've been having a hard time getting my sleep schedule to work with me so I've been doing a lot of sitting and being lazy. It felt good today to finally DO something.

I cleaned my ceiling fan!
Seriously... freakin nasty dude... yeah, I took pics lol

OMG bug! (thankfully it was dead!)
ahhh much better

Right after I took that last pic I heard a faint cracking sound... promptly said 'SHIT' and took the cover off to see a nice crack forming. Patched it the best I could and wrapped the whole edge with electrical tape and stuck it back up (more gently) Hopefully it doesnt die anymore!
I had tried cleaning it when I first moved in, but it was so dirty I had given up.

The weather in Portland has been oddly warm - last weekend I brought out the bunnies to play in the grass.

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