Friday, January 14, 2011

4/50 - Fingerless Gloves


I had purchased these super awesome knee socks that with little wear got a hole in the toe!
Sadness happened.
While cleaning out my dresser I came across them and thought "Well maybe I can patch the toe a bit..." then I realized I have around 20 pairs of knee socks and maybe I should just let them go.
But no! The thought popped into my head about hearing someone make fingerless gloves out of knee socks.
So I set them aside to work on after I finished the window scarves.

Heres what I came up with:

Materials - Socks, sewing needle, thread, and scissors.

Cut off the feet

Cut small hole for thumb and sew around it (otherwise you'll eventually have a HUGE hole)
(I stuck my hand in a couple times to judge where I'd want the hole and started it super tiny so I could go up or down from where I first cut - I also used the pattern on the sock so that I could make the two gloves match)

Turn sock inside out and fold down the unfinished end

Tie small knots just to hold down the fold. I did about 7 knots for each glove.

I love them!

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