Monday, January 17, 2011

5/50 - Beam Bling

I am SO excited about this post.
I live in a place that I'm not allowed to paint, so I'm stuck with a lot of white.
One really cool thing about my cozy home is that I have beams. But they are painted, so they kind of just... get ignored.


I put a lot of thought into the roll of black con-tact paper I bought.
Where I would put it.
What I would cut it into.
IF I could cut it.
Would it be too sticky?
So there it sat, still in its plastic... just... a roll.
Until last night when I got the urge to start a project I had talked to my mom about.

I had to find an image of a hopping bunny... as in the progress of a hop (I dont have drawing talent so I couldnt freehand it!)
All I could find was a pretty small image so I bookmarked it planning to take it to work so I could enlarge it and print it. (This was the other day)
Last night it popped into my head to use my computer as my platform and just trace it onto parchment paper! DUH!
And on I went!
I cut out one 'bounce' but realized it wouldnt be enough so I cut out one more today and finished it up. This was way faster and easier than I had ever expected!

The process:
Find image, enlarge in photoshop to desired size, trace

Cut out with Xacto knife

Put a dab of double sided tape to arrange

Stick them on one at a time and voila!

I LOVE it, this makes me smile every time I look up, and its so eye catching.



  1. Oh! That is freaking adorable! I love how the bunny is hopping. It's so much more interesting than if it were just a row of bunnies.

  2. thank you!
    amazingly it turned out exactly how it was in my head. I'm completely in love with it!

  3. EPIC!!!! Squee! And you are so going on my blogroll!

  4. That would be such a fun idea for a kids room, too...Cute!

  5. That looks fantastic!! I would never have thought to put hopping bunnies up there!

  6. Bunnies! Oh they are the cutest! :)