Wednesday, January 19, 2011

6/50 - Wall Art

I got my order from naokosstoop and promptly got to work to get it on my walls.
While the big print was still on its way I checked her shop to make sure I would get the right size frame.
On Monday I asked mom to go to goodwill with me and found a nice simple frame that was marked for the right color to be 1/2 off!

The big one ended up being $1.99
and small ones were $0.99 each (two were 1/2 off from $1.99)

On Tuesday I used my Dremel to sand off the finish on the large frame

Then I went to WalMart and picked up a can of black spray paint for $0.96!

Oh, I also received the large print in the mail on Tues!

I am really trying to be frugal with anything I'm crafting and was concerned about the cost of a mat for the larger print (and knew I could figure something out for the small ones)
Then I remembered I had red wrapping paper I bought from Ikea a year ago so I figured 'wouldn't hurt to try!'

So after some Xactoing and lots of measuring I finished and now have wall art!
I apologize for all the reflection!

My clock used to be on that wall so...

I had to find a new home for the clock so I thought Jack could keep it company. Then realized... it looks GREAT there!


  1. Amazing post of amazingness! I love everything. :D

    Your blog is really inspiring, Bunny Woman!

  2. aw thanks again eljay!
    I'm so excited about all the changes in my place and how much crafty stuff I've been doing. Hopefully I can keep it up throughout the year.
    I really need to keep a running list of projects I want to do, that def. helps!