Sunday, January 2, 2011


I've joined the task of 52 in 52 (or 50 in 52).
This is 50-52 projects in 52 weeks.
I seem to have a hard time crafting throughout the year and would really like to keep it up.
My mom has also joined and we're decided to also stash bust along with it.
We both collect and collect all kinds of cute crafty things we like... THEN HOARD THEM!
I'm really trying to overall use more of what I have and save money (not just in crafting, I'm going through my kitchen and going to use whats in my cupboard!)
I started my first project before the New Year so the 1st part to it I'm not counting.
The 2nd part I just finished today so 1/50 is complete! (That will be the next posting)

Some things I want to make in this time:
Window scarves - Done!
Window ornaments
Make more greeting cards
Birthday gifts for friends (not sure what yet though)
Baking (new recipes!!)
-Make something with Yeast
-Make marshmallow fondant
-Make something using the candy thermometer
Beading (jewelery)
Printing a bunny on pillows and storage containers
Purse organizer
Contact Paper bunnies for ceiling beams - Done!
Paint/Revamp sewing box
Shelving for S&P shakers
*I'll keep adding to this as I think of new things to do throughout the year*

As I said in my first post I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't keep up with the blog portion of this - I had never planned to blog about it!

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