Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/50 - Window Scarf

I finished one window scarf before New Year and have just finished number 2. I have 4 windows in my place and plan to make about 2 for each window (depending on the look, maybe more!)
I've just done a simple straight knit, no pattern.
My windows get so boring when its not a holiday and the window scarves I already had were way too long so I figured I could make a project out of it!
(I'm really going to try to get to the decorating of my walls/windows this year)

These two will actually be split up once I take my Christmas decorations down and mount the poles. I plan to do a black, green and red theme (since those are the main colors in my place).


I have all kinds of yarns already that are the right coloring so this one is a big stash buster!


  1. Goodness me! How long did it take you to knit that Jesa? That is massive :)

  2. oh I just saw your comment! they dont take long cause I'm using large needles... I'm a cheater ;)