Monday, February 7, 2011

8/50 - Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

My mom and I have been talking about getting hardware on her cupboards for quite a while now.
I kept telling her we needed to go pick some stuff out and she kept asking me when I was going to do it.

Finally she said "will you come over Saturday and get the hardware on my cupboards?"

So finally it was set! This was going to happen!

I ended up going over on Friday after work. We went to Home Depot and found that most of their selection is by order, and the selection they do have in the store is minimal. We even asked to take home the store samples so we could pick one. (They said no)

We picked out two then headed to Lowe's.

*cue heavenly sounds and sparkly lights*

Their selection was HUGE and they had so many on sale! We picked out eight to ten more (I didnt get any pics)

When we got back to moms I got to work figuring out which looked best while she was working on something else. She finished and came down, I had four picked out that I liked and had her hold them up and see what she liked also. I talked her into my favorite one so back to Lowe's we went!

Now came the measuring (there were some issues but I eventually figured it out!)

I was able to finish 1 row of drawers before heading home for the night.

Came back a little after noon on Saturday to finish it up!

Had to take down the hard-to-reach cabinets

Moving along

And after some time... DONE!

Mom loves and, and so do I!


  1. I love those handles!

    Wait, not love handles.

    Anyway, they're really pretty and I love how they look like hand-etched artsy rings or something.

  2. Thanks! I love them too (obviously)
    I thought they were a nice comfy touch... rather than like... modern or something.