Sunday, February 27, 2011

11/50 - Easter Wreath

Found a pretty wreath on whipperberry while browsing pinterest and told my mom I'd love to make some for Easter with her.
She had her paper all cut when I got to her house, however the night before I wasnt sure if I still wanted to do mine with the mod podge. So we decided to do hers the same way and mine different (and actually ended up doing hers a bit different still)
I helped her mod podge strips of paper...
I've still got glue on my nails!

Then we needed to paint the base wreath but stopped for a pic together

Then painted

While they dried mom worked on her strips and I cut mine

Then it was time to glue everything together YAY HOT GLUE GUNS!!

Just need to add some Easter goodness


I didnt glue any of the Easter stuff in, instead I picked the colors my place is decorated with so I can use it for other holidays by just adding cute things.

I currently have it hanging in my window but will eventually have to find a better spot for it (its hard to see any detail with the lighting)

Momma started a blog and wrote about hers here.

I also made some Cream Cheese Cookies from Bake, Sew, Sing last night to contribute to dinner with my neighbors.
However, I didnt have quite enough sugar so I added a bit of brown sugar and ground up some fancy sugar to coat the outside of the cookies. I also added a touch of almond extract. I like how they turned out! Very moist inside and a nice crunch on the outside, I did have to bake them closer to 9 minutes though (recipe calls for 7)


  1. I love reading your posts - and the pics are fantastic! Had a GREAT time with you making our wreaths. . . looking forward to some yummy cookies tomorrow!

  2. I love the idea of the wreath you can change around!

    I also love that your mom started a blog. Not all of my IRL friends understand that some of my bff's (and the best, hottest, smartest guys, rawr) are internet people.

    I think blogs and social media can be used as forces of good, and not evil. I just have to remember that.