Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup Cupcakes


I used the same chocolate cupcake recipe that I posted about before and made a peanutbutter frosting with peanut butter, powder sugar, vanilla, and milk. I would tell you how much of everything if I knew!

I put a miniature Reese's cup in the bigger cupcakes and one of the new mini ones in the tiny cupcakes. Which was the only part of this recipe that didnt go quite right... of course the Reese's fell to the bottom and stuck to the paper! oops! the good thing? They still tasted AMAZING!

This is basically what you need:

and this is what happens:

My mom just couldnt wait for Easter so invited me over last weekend to celebrate super early (we have the combined excuse that the things she got me I could USE for Easter so it only made sense to do it early!)

The loot?

look at that amazingness!
She got me cupcake boxes for gifting to people, a piping bag, a bunny spatula, a bunch of cupcake cups!, a smoosher thing for making biscuits, craft paper, some stickers that are just tooooo cute, a cupcake plunger (for filling cupcakes), and my favorite? the 56 piece tip set! but she made it more awesome by splitting it up and instead of candy she put each tip in an egg.
Thats right, I still hunt for Easter stuff! oh so fun!

AND she finished my blanket!
Seriously? its amazing. Thats her bed by the way. Its a queen size. I have a full.... basically I have it folded in half so the lines are horizontal on my bed and its STILL big enough for me! LOVE.

I cant post my current crafty stuff cause its for a swap. So thatll come later.


  1. BUNNY SPATULAAAAA! I've never wanted to hug a spatula before.

    And the blanket is gorge. WOW.

    The pastry smoosher thing is called a pastry cutter or a pastry blender. They are also awesome for making crumb toppings and pie-crusts.

  2. Seriously, I would walk around huggling that spatula and forget to bake stuffs.

  3. Glad you enjoyed everything honey! You are SO much fun to shop for because you LOVE everything and it's so easy to please you! LOVED making your blanket for you. Thanks so much for the awesome cupcakes - glad I was limited to 6 mini's!! SO SO good!!!

  4. I covet the blanket!!!! May have to make one myself!