Monday, July 2, 2012

Snack Pot

This weeks poll:

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Last weeks results:
Have you ever used some sort of food product for self pleasure?
All the time.0%
A few times17.5%
Once, its not for me.5%
No, but I'm not ruling it out.30%
No way!47.5%

What this poll tells me: Most people avoid the food products. And no one relies on them!
The best part of this poll was the comments though!

My favorite poll comment: (it was kinda hard to choose, but I'll go with paranoia) "These really are anonymous​ aren't they? You're​ not secretly using the link ​from Facebook to track who we ​are, are you?"

And sadly, when you click the FB link my blog only tells me its from FB, not WHO. Its pretty anon. (of course unless you TELL me what you voted/said.

If you have an idea for a poll question email it to me!   

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