Monday, June 25, 2012

Food for Thought

This weeks poll:

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Last weeks results:

As an adult have you wet the bed?
On multiple occasions15.79%
Just once10.53%

What this poll tells me: Well I'm happy to see that "never" is in the lead, but it appears a lot of the reasons are for medical conditions, or alcohol...
For those of you who have had this issue I found this while on pinterest: (I got very excited that I would get to use it for this post!)

Youre welcome! 

My favorite comment: (a short story) "My boyfriend got so wasted he ​peed his bed and part of the​ hallway. I woke up and stepped ​in it, then clean up the hall, ​stripped him and his bed down​ and changed them both with out ​him ever waking up. I then​ left a note on his phone that​ said, 'When you wake​up-take a shower and come​ apologize to me... in that ​order. You're also taking ​me to lunch and it's​ going to be an expensive lunch​ of sushi.' Never again​ has he gotten that wasted or​ wet the bed."


I'd like to throw out a big "thank you" to everyone who brain storms with me about new questions, you're all so helpful (sometimes). 

If you have an idea for a poll question email it to me! 


  1. a spoon would be classified as a utensil and not a food product, correct?

  2. Cucumbers have a rejuvenating quality to them..... And if you go to Safeway and buy the English cucumbers they come pre-wrapped. It stays clean and you can serve it in a salad to hubby latter.