Monday, May 28, 2012

B-Hole Revisited

This weeks poll is:

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Last weeks poll results:
Peeing in a swimming area...
I cant help it! I pee in pools... rivers... hot tubs...27.27%
It happens sometimes.34.55%
I only did that when I was younger.27.27%
Gross! I've never peed in a swimming area!10.91%

What this poll tells me: All added up 89.09% of people pee in pools. Bottom line folks, is that you're probably swimming in pee.

My favorite comment: "Sometimes you just need to​ warm up your area."

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tinkle Tinkle...

Next poll is:

(Direct link to poll) (also, I realize hot tub is two words, oops!)

Last weeks poll results:

Dirty-talk during sex...
I'll only have sex if dirty-talk is involved.17.39%
I dig it sometimes.60.87%
I feel uncomfortable when it happens and wish it didnt.15.22%
I've never been dirty-talked during sex.6.52%

What this poll tells me: Well this one is another obvious one. Most people like the dirty talk in moderation.

My favorite comment: Well there are a few good ones this week, and some are confusing. I'll just make this a link so you can check them out yourself!

Next week sneak peekaroo:
I have been asked quite a few times when I'm going to revisit the b-hole licking poll (people want MORE info!) so I'm probably going to be doing that next Monday as I am seriously running low on questions and need work up more idea.
Thanks to everyone who has helped me think of questions so far!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Dirty Birdy

Next poll is:

Morning farts...
The best start to a day, The bigger the better!65.79%
I rarely have gas in the morning.21.05%
Ugh... I hate farting in the morning!2.63%
My most enjoyable gas is usually during another time in the day.10.53%

What this poll tells me: People love a nice big healthy fart. Morning farts are apparently an amazing part of some of our days.

There were no comments this week, which tells me people are pretty much content with the poll answers and their morning fart abilities.

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