Monday, April 9, 2012

Toe Jammin'

This weeks poll is about...

Toe Sucking!

How do you feel?

Last weeks results are in!
I'm mostly shocked about how many votes this poll didn't have. What this one made me realize is how everyone's views toward b-hole licking are a lot stronger than booger flicking. Way more people voted regarding the b-hole.

Do you flick your boogers on the floor when no one is around?

Psh, I do it when people are in the room!

Yes! Oh, and please take your shoes off at the door.

No, I'm a very clean nose picker!

No way, I wont even admit that I pick my nose in the first place!

What this poll tells me: 10.53% of my poll takers were liars...
I was surprised so many people are so open about their booger flicking. Then I started paying attention to random people and noticed so many of them really do just grab and flick, no matter who is around!
Also, don't let the results fool you, in the end 47.37% are still flicking their boogers... (and of course there are the 10.53% who are probably doing something more disgusting than anyone...)

My favorite poll comment: "I hire day laborers to clean ​out various holes in my​ body."

If you have an idea for a poll question email it to me!

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