Monday, April 23, 2012


Next poll is:

Using spit as lube...

Results of last weeks poll are all over the place! I like it!

Have you weighed yourself before and after you poo'd?

I do this all the time...
I did it once
I hadnt thought to do this before but now I'm going to!
No, but only because I dont have a scale.

What this poll tells me: Lots of people enjoy finding out what their poo weighs, or they get a satisfaction from instant weight loss.
Also, you're welcome to the people who are now going to try this.
I am a tad surprised at the number of people who haven't and aren't going to. I wonder if this is because they don't want to know what they weigh in the first place, or if they are scared of poop... or... hmm so many questions!

There was only 1 comment but I probably would have picked it anyway so...
My favorite poll comment: "Y I WEIGH LESS BEFORE"

Last but not least, guys, I'm eventually going to run out of questions so keep helping me:
If you have an idea for a poll question email it to me!

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