Monday, April 30, 2012

Letting Loose

Next poll is:
Morning farts...

Last weeks poll has a clear 'winner'...

Using spit as lube...
I prefer spit over store bought lube!9.68%
Will do if the lube isn't in a convenient spot/all out.70.97%
I haven't done it, but I would try.0%
I have and have nightmares from the occasion... never again.6.45%
Disgusting! NEVER!12.9%

What this poll tells me: Most people are down with the spittle... very down. Also, the people who haven't tried it don't plan to... EVER.

My favorite comment is actually two comments together becoming educational:
Comment 1: "If I need to use spit as lube, ​then I must not be horny ​enough.....FAIL"
Comment 2: "person above this: lube ​isn't only used for the ​front hole... (also, some ​people aren't as​ naturally lubed as others)" 

See everyone, these polls are educational!

(some people may enough lube to put it on their toast for breakfast...)

If you have an idea for a poll question email it to me!

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