Monday, April 16, 2012

Heafty Package

Next poll is:

Have you weighed yourself before and after you poo'd?

(Yeah, I'll probably bring up butt related things quite a bit. Remember, these are the answers to the important questions in life, and there are a lot of butt related important questions)

I don't mean to keep bringing up the first poll but I cant help it when I get results like this:

Toe sucking...

I love sucking on toes & having my toes sucked.

Please stay away from my feet... but I'd love to be all over yours!

You can suck on mine all day, but keep yours to yourself!


What this poll tells me: People would rather have their b-hole licked than their toe sucked.
Most people will either receive or give, but almost never both.

Yep, simple as that.

My favorite poll comment: "I use a vacuum cleaner hose to ​pleasure my toes."
(bonus points for this rhyming)

If you have an idea for a poll question email it to me!

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