Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Direction

One day I'll do a post about that pumpkin roll! ha!

But today I'm going to go in another direction.
I was having a conversation with friends that took a big turn and ended up about the Khia song "My Neck, My Back"
The particular part of this song that got me was the "Lick my pussy and my crack"
I thought 'who really actually likes their ass licked enough to sing about it!?'
Being the person I am I NEEDED to know... So what did I do? I made a poll!

Anonymous of course!

After not quite a day of votes I was inspired by the comment of "The question should have been do you like being the one doing the licking.." and realized I could be there... for all of you... answering the tough questions in life.

The outcome? I'm going to do a weekly poll. New question every Monday.

I'm so excited!